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Re: [Healthy_Recipes_For_Diabetic_Friends] Nutrician


> 2. The site: ischanging and I will no longer be able to  use it as I have to calculate nutrition. I am trying to find another site to do the nutrition information for recipes that have none.

I joined mainly to HAVE the list close, in case I needed to suggest it to somone. My son studied "training" for a time and taught me some basics. They helped me change my weight ~ 10 lbs in 2-3 weeks AND get stronger w v lil excercise. You all probably know this stuff, but;
Protein 4 cal
Carbs - same
Booze 7
Fat 9
Shoot for around 40-40-20
Protein - Carbs - Fats (no booze, eh?)
For those in real training, go to 45-45-10.

For practicality we invented a ham sandwich. 97% fat-free Kirkland ham. Now many deccet sandwich meats can meet this spec. 2 pcs are 10 gms of protein and I ignore that smidge of fat.
Call it 5gmx2pcs x 4cals = 40 protein cals.

Bread is 5-8 gms of protein if you LOOK for a good one. Two slices so double that. Carbs? I get an 8gm per slice now from Grocery Outlet on the cheap and it's not like cardboard.
8x2pcsx4cals = 64protein cals
 x2pcs x 4 cals =  carb cals

ALLLL the lettuce you want. ONION! TOMATO! MUSTARD! HORSERADISH or HotMustard. On the WEEKEND you can have a beer, or a slice of cheese.... or mayo.(I'm a Miracle Whip guy.) MW & mayos now have low-fat versions. PHILLY has low and non-fat vers also. I Can't Believe it's not Butter has a no -fatalso w 0 cals and the flavor is there- but nothing else. It's a watery-spray.
The Philly in a low fat was decent.

I remember I could have 4-6 of these a day, depending on the fats I added after 3 weeks. Well, 3 weeks was all the time I had away from the main family to do this, but it was low-stress.and amazing. I lifted light weights for 5 minutes a day, only to PRESERVE EXISTING MUSCLE.  NO cadio. Not a recommendation - just the facts. A walk does a body AND a MIND & spirit, much good!

I used his then-$100 scale that told me weight, water, muscle and bone... 2-4 times  I got to where I could tell if I did or didn't have that extra cuppa joe. (Folger's Columbian for me. Low acid, good body, big but non-dark-french-roast flavor.)

Sorry Gloria... and all... We all are older and slower and have more or bigger ills and are downsizing whatever has not been downsized for us, already. Mary Ann of ToatoMania list and many I know have gone from planting hundreds of tomatos and peppers to a dozen or two. But - gardening is good for the spirit. The used shovel wears down eventually but the idle shovel rust away far faster. 

Whatever lil bit of health you have, try to use well, even if it is only a healthy way of breathing. Go not silently into the night. Thanks for services rendered, Gloria and all!!!

Happy New Year - or Bust...
Something like that, anyway!
See ya when I see ya, or see ya on the farside, hopefully!

I pray. You bet'cha I pray!


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